Monday, September 22, 2014


Another special event held this past August, we welcomed Melody Bishop of 'Runes by Melody' to Sweet Remembrances and The Rosemary House to offer a Rune Reading for everyone in attendance. Each guest had a private reading and an evening tea party completed the event. 

Melody first explained what Runes are and their Scandinavian/Viking heritage. They were used for divination and carved on swords. Basically an alphabet, each rune can represent a person, place, thing, plant, animal or force of nature. 
Melody has been working with Runes and other intuitive mediums since she was just a young girl. The deck of cards reflects the runes and was designed by her husband. You can find them on her website.

Runes have made several movie appearances in Lord of the Rings, How to Train your Dragon and most recently in Frozen.

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Marilyn Miller said...

How fascinating! I would love seeing what her runes said about me. Did you learn anything you didn't know about yourself?