Monday, November 10, 2014

Fall Color in the Herb Garden

This is Leucantha Sage, also often called Mexican Sage. It is an annual for those of us in the North but it grows large during the growing season and provides a wonderful captivating splash of purple color. 
I especially love it with the contrasting colors of the silver wormwood (forefront) and the golden yellow leaves of the witch hazel tree (background). 
 Another salvia -- this one the fragrant Pineapple Sage, provides both a delicious pineapple scent and a splash of bright red color in the fall herb garden. While there are still a few flowers hanging on here or there, a white feverfew or golden calendula, or pink rose these two salvias make quite the statement in the fall and for quite a number of weeks.  
We've been enjoying the cool crisp days and brilliant colors of the garden before the winter snows arrive and blanket the gardens in fluffy white.


Marilyn Miller said...

I absolutely love all salvias. Your garden is beautiful with them. One that I think looks like butterflies is so hard to find and grow is salvia patent. I believe that is the name and I love it.

Angela McRae said...

Glad you captured the pretty color while it lasted -- sounds like colder days are on the way!