Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lancaster Central Market

On our recent trip to Lancaster, PA we were able to do a really quick run through in the beautiful Lancaster Central Market, billed as the country's oldest continuously operating farmer's market.   Veggies, Meats, Cheeses, Breads Oh my!  The variety of fresh mushrooms was super fun.
 Of course the herb shop caught our eye with a huge variety of herbs, spices, pastas, dressings, and more.
 And the very busy tea bar. We would have enjoyed sampling one of their special teas, but since we were headed to our Fundraising Tea event, we just admired their interesting booth.
Not to mention the fresh herb plants, pansies, and a promise of spring.  This place was bustling and a real treat!

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Marilyn said...

Once upon a time I do believe I walked through this market. What a fun stop.