Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Queen's Tea

This past Sunday we celebrated the Queen's birthday in the tea room and in joyous occasion shared a toast with Pink Moscato Champagne. The festivities began with a Mixed Berry Salad. The assorted leafy greens were topped with strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. A sweet Poppyseed dressing and a sprinkling of Feta cheese highlighted the fruit.

Individually plated sandwiches included Fresh Pear, Blue cheese and Pecan Finger Sandwich, an Apple & Basil Crostini topped with melted Swiss Cheese, a Veggie Confetti Sandwich with a heart shaped top, a traditional Cucumber Sandwich with mint butter, and as was served during the Queen's coronation in 1953, we served Coronation Chicken Salad with mangos, raisins, and cashews and a hint of curry.

The scones, always served fresh from the oven, were whisked out of the kitchen before a picture was taken. The plate of scones featured Kensington Palace Scones (a traditional cream scone) and White Chocolate Apricot Scones with Sweet Cream and Lemon Curd. Fresh fruit accompanied the scones. The final course included a medley of petite desserts which were Chocolate Mint Cake, White Chocolate Pistachio Truffle, and a Cherry Cookie swirled with a white chocolate glaze.
Long Live the Queen! Long May She Reign!


relevanttealeaf said...

Your Queen's Tea looks fabulous, Nancy, and I know it was enjoyed by everyone who attended.

Bernideen said...

That looks so lovely and all your food items are very creative. Experience is the best teacher and you sure have it!

Marilyn Miller said...

Happy Birthday to the Queen! You honored her well. The food looked "fit for a queen".

Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

Beautiful and delicious!