Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween Tea 2015

Sunday afternoons in October are reserved for our annual Halloween themed teas. The tables are set with fall leaves, miniature pumpkins, glittery spiders and edible acorn candies. Paper shaped coffins hold the variety of sugar packets while petite black paper bats adorn the forks.

We encourage our guests to attend these events in costume. Many played along!

Festive and fun! Mothers and daughters, girlfriends and witches, the costumes delight us all!
The Halloween menu... anticipation...

The Witches Brew of Carrot and Orange Soup was accompanied by Toasted Parmesan Pumpkins.
A plate of tea sandwiches featured Chicken Salad cut out into bat shaped sandwiches and also RIP Pimiento Cheese sandwich coffins with miniature bones poking out..
Ghostly Strawberries, Ghoulish Deviled Egg 'n Olive Eye of Newt, Green Spinach Monsters, and a Witches Cauldron of Brie and Orange Marmalade comprised the next platter of tricks and treats.
Individual servings of an English Cream Ghost Scone (Sweet Cream and Lemon Curd were already at each place setting) was plated alongside a portion of local organic Apple Slices with Caramel Cream Topping.

And dessert included a Gingerbread Ghost, Acorn shaped Pumpkin Bread, and a Black Cat Buttercream candy.

A few guests summed up their afternoon by proclaiming 'you spoil us'.


Marilyn Miller said...

Yes, I would feel spoiled with this afternoon tea. What a treat for your guests. It is so very creative.

Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

Everything looks perfect for a Halloween Tea. The guests in costume really add to the gun!

Ruth W said...

What fun to be so creative! I so wish I were closer! Wonderful job...as usual!