Monday, October 26, 2015

Haunted Herb Gardens

The gardens behind The Rosemary House and Sweet Remembrances have been haunted for the month of October. They are decorated for several community events and for the Halloween teas and Garlic Dinner that are held in the tea room this month. Enter if you dare! This festive pumpkin collection can be found on the picnic table. Brings a smile to your face!
This creepy assemblage is tucked in the corner of the side porch of the tea room. There's a theme here.

 The witches have gathered under the new pavilion - lots of interesting little features here. Can you spot the spiders?
The newest addition to the collection of Halloween 'dummies' is this lovely lady. She has been placed on the side porch of the Rosemary House and creeps everyone out with her life size look. She catches your eye and makes you look twice every time you walk past the door and spot her staring at you.
In addition to a Halloween Parade, our community hosts an annual 'Steets of Treats' for the children and adults to visit the local businesses to trick or treat on a Saturday afternoon. It is a fun day, particularly if the weather cooperates! The majority of kids are brave enough to walk through the gardens, but first they must pass this scary dummy that looks right into the eyes of the little kids!

And the gardens are not all creepy - this cheerful little pumpkin head brings a smile to everyone! Ready for the next wave of trick or treaters this week!

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Marilyn Miller said...

I would love a little creepiness! Love the full figured addition.