Saturday, December 12, 2015

Crafting with Greens!

We've had several holiday workshops over the past few weeks that have involved crafting with fresh winter greens. A tree shaped door hanging was the first creative class held in early December. Our handy-man, Mr. Ron, cut out wooden tree shaped bases to arrange a beautiful variety of fresh and fragrant greens to create a pretty tree hanging.

At the next holiday workshop, our crafters created a small table arrangement tucking pine cones and fresh greens into a sweet little basket. The tea room was quite fragrant this afternoon, and a lovely array of arrangements graced the tables as we served a Holiday Tea after the craft was completed. We simply lifted up the plastic covering and whisked away the residual snippets of greens, and set the tables to enjoy tea.

The final holiday workshop for the season involved creating a free-standing table top tree using fresh boxwood, juniper, cedar, and other fragrant greens tucked into oasis. Tiny ornaments were added to the tree for a touch of color. Everyone went home with an instant fragrant decoration, suitable for use indoors or out that will last through the holiday season.

And these events were held in the tea room, you ask? Well, yes, call us crazy! It gets too dark too early to craft outside in December! Yikes! Some ideas sound better on paper!


Bernideen said...

What's on the floor shows how much fun it all was!

Linda Jennings said...

What a messy project, but so, so fun!

Marilyn Miller said...

What a fun, fun event and then there was tea too. Nice!