Saturday, December 5, 2015

Deck the Halls! Tree Workshop

One of our first Holiday Workshops of the season featured these unique tree arrangements made with a variety of fresh greens to be displayed on your front door or your mantle. 

In advance preparation for the class, we prepared a thin plywood board tree and covered the front with chicken wire. We also spray painted the base.
We gave everyone some white pine and Douglas fir greens to start a good base. You simple take 3 inch pieces of the conditioned greens and tuck them into the chicken wire. The fragrance in the tea room tonight was holiday delicious!
We always love how everyone's craft takes on a different look, even when supplied with the same materials. The tree on the left has all the white pine facing up. The tree on the right faced all the white pine facing down. Either is correct, simply personal preference. The important part is to be consistent with the direction you choose.
Hard at work in the tea room.  We are grateful Nancy lets us use this space for such messy work!

Just keep working in the greens.  We also used juniper, cypress, Japanese Holly, yew, boxwood, umbrella pine, scotch pine and other fragrant greens.

For a finishing touch, we added some red rose hips, a wee bit of statice and a touch of glittery ornaments.

A great decoration ready to hang outside. Be sure to save the wooden tree frame and reuse it for years!

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Marilyn Miller said...

Now this event looks like great fun!