Friday, May 13, 2016

Rosemary Topiary

It is easy to create your own Rosemary Topiary.  To make a heart shaped topiary, shape the heart using an 18 gauge wire.  We like to twist the ends together and create a piece the depth of the pot. We also glue the wire to the bottom of the pot for added stability. Next, select two small rosemary plants with a fairly straight and long leader. We have a nice selection of herbs plants available in the shop!
Plant both of the rosemary plants in the same flower pot.  Run one leader up the right side of the heart and the other up the other side. You will need to use very small twist ties to attach the rosemary to the heart shaped wire.  We like to use two plants as it will grow all the way around the heart shape faster. As the rosemary plants grow, continue to attach the plant to the wire with little twist ties to reinforce the shape of the heart.
You can also make a "standard" or lollipop-shaped topiary. Tie the leader to your tall straight wire.  You don't want to pinch the leader until it reaches the height you want it to be.  Then as the plant grows, pinch the rosemary and it will start to bush out. 

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