Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Royal Tea Club Visit

Members of The Royal Tea Club recently visited Sweet Remembrances. 
This organization was founded in 2005 by a group of women that love going to tea. Monthly events are scheduled through out the year with visits to various tea rooms in PA and MD. We recently attended a tea that was held at Alfred Victorian's in Middletown, PA and we journeyed to Washington, DC on a bus trip they featured that included Afternoon Tea at the Willard Intercontinental Hotel just a short distance from the White House.
Club members have been to Sweet Remembrances on several occasions, and we were happy to welcome them back to Mechanicsburg this past Saturday and again on Thursday. 
The menu began with our Lemon Caesar Salad and was followed by an assortment of tea sandwiches that included an Orange Marmalade Curry round topped with peanuts, coconut, and green onion, our Queen Adelaide ham and chicken salad triangles, Pepperelly Super Sassy pepper spread with cream cheese, a Green Apple & Brie Crostini, Sweet & Savory Pumpernickel sandwich, and Puff Pastry with cucumber, carrots, radishes and hummus filling.

Scones, of course, baked while our guests were enjoying their sandwiches and served warm and fresh from the oven featured Traditional English Cream and Farmhouse Cranberry scones with fresh fruit, sweet cream, and jelly.
And dessert included a teapot Shortbread cookie, Peanut butter Pie, and Lemon Curd topped Cake. Special Thanks to the Royal-tea Club for including Sweet Remembrances as a destination for your spring adventures!


Marilyn Miller said...

What a delicious sounding tea time. Fascinating to me that in England the sandwiches were often very simple and all looked the same; so I love your creativity.

Angela McRae said...

This sounds like a delicious teatime, and as a fan of curry, I know I would have loved that Orange Marmalade Curry tea sandwich. Sounds wonderful! (And what a pretty tea towel that is in the background!)