Sunday, June 4, 2017

Celebrating the Birthday Girl!

The following is an excerpt of a letter Bertha Reppert, owner of the Rosemary House in Mechanicsburg, PA wrote for an article that appeared in the 'Moon Dreamer' column of  The Magick Garden newsletter so many years ago. In celebration of the birthday girl, herewith begin words of love and family/business history as expressed by mom: Susanna is a Gemini, born on June 4th "and I can remember when I had her" writes Bertha, "nine years after the first three girls! One wonders but I know now that God knew what He/She was doing when we got Susie, for without her there would be no Rosemary House. I would have had to give it up and retire with my husband. The busy business requires young legs and energies! We bought the Rosemary House when Susie was a little girl, in the first grade.... It was a most unlikely place for a business (although we have since been joined by other adventurous optimists!). Equal distance from all the schools in town, Susie came to the Rosemary House after school, where she had a little school desk for her crayons, papers and homework. She would listen to me answer endless questions, and apparently absorbed herbal knowledge with her milk and cookies! Eventually she worked after school and Saturdays, always willing to join in our herbal fun. It was never work!! 
When Susie graduated from Penn State University (a Political Science major) she gently, but firmly pushed me aside and took over! Although I still love our dear little enterprise and can be pressed into service at a moments notice... and enjoy working in the fragrant, magical garden behind the shop, still conduct workshops, do lectures, and write too... However, Susie has really stepped in, and is officially proclaimed "Manager". To the best of our knowledge, she has yet to look at a want ad, or seek employment elsewhere. The Rosemary House is now her haven/heaven ~ as it was mine for the first 20 years of happiness... Susie is young, eager, energetic, and full of wonderful ideas for continued success and a rosemerry future. Susie has expanded our product line into a wholesale division, and also does gift shows. I would never have attempted such enterprises! So great! Good luck to our beautiful fourth daughter.  Susanna is now our #one Rosemary, and is that rarity - a happy person. Not rich! But, she is so busy she has no time to spend money! She is busy surrounded by the ancient, magical, mystical herbs she will spend her lifetime studying and purveying."
Happy Birthday, Susanna! 
May you forever be young, eager, energetic, full of ideas, and happy!


Tina Sams said...

I remember that newsletter!
So Susanna has been managing TRH longer than her mother did... and little could Bertha have imagined the coming challenges of the internet, websites, and what that would mean to brick and mortar shops.
Brava to you, Susanna!

Marilyn Miller said...

That was sweet words your mom wrote. To be treasured!