Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Kutztown Folk Festival - July 1 - 9

Look for Susanna (representing The Rosemary House) and Molly (representing The Essential Herbal) vending at the herb booth at the 68th annual Kutztown Folk Festival. This week long event honors the heritage of the Pennsylvania Dutch. The little Herb Garden sign marks the location of the booth and the four square herb garden right beside it. At the Herb Garden, you'll discover medicinal herbs utilized in a myriad of ways crafted into healing salves for example, along with culinary herbs used to flavor and enhance home cooking or pickling.

Quilts, crafts, food, and fun are all highlights of a visit to the folk festival. These cinnamon rolls are baked continuously all day, served warm, oozing with a sweet glaze and rolled with love, they are a must-have treat! And another staple of the festival is a large mug of sarsaparilla. Root beer or birch beer are also options. There's plenty to eat and enjoy from corn fritters to stuffed pretzels.


Marilyn Miller said...

Oh my, those cinnamon rolls look so delicious! How I would love a stuffed pretzel too.

Angela McRae said...

Mmm. I would have enjoyed all of these foods but especially the cinnamon rolls and root beer!