Thursday, July 6, 2017

Lemon Balm Tea

The Essential Herbal magazine, featuring all things herbs, has included an article on summer herbal brews in their July/August 2017 issue. This informative herbal magazine offers six issues per year and includes a wide range of information pertaining to herbs. For the summer issue, iced beverages are one of the topics featured. We are pleased to note that one of mom's recipes was included in the article.

With an abundance of lemon balm growing in the herb garden during the summer, a refreshing lemon balm tea is the perfect way to cool down on a hot summer day, and a delicious way to enjoy the fresh lemon flavor of this prolific herb. Add a touch of honey to sweeten the brew and a few cloves to add a hint of spice along with freshly squeezed lemon to highlight the lemon flavor, and you have a delicious summery drink without any caffeine.


Marilyn Miller said...

How lovely for you to see this recipe in the magazine. It does sound delicious. I haven't tried lemon balm, but do make tea out of lemon verbena.

Angela McRae said...

It must be so gratifying to see your mother's work with herbs still being noted today! (And my goodness, what a lovely thing to be remembered for!)