Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Fairy Festival Fun - 2017

The magic of the 24th Annual Fairy Festival is but a memory in the hearts of those that attended. The Pocket Fairies held glittery tea parties in the gazebo throughout the day, sharing trinkets and telling stories of wonder to delight all.

Our favorite bubble maker, George, kept the bubbles flowing all day capturing the imagination of the littlest fairies in attendance. The artistic face painting created by Kit Kat Sparkles and Posie Fairy could be found among the many festival visitors. Henna designs crafted by Zehen were an option for the older kids.
There were puppet shows presented by Big Shoe Puppets that delighted young and old. And balloon creations were offered by Top Nozzle, the Next Generation. 

And the green recycle troll helped to educate about the importance of recycling.

Fairy Fun!
Garden Decor

Pony Rides by Hidden Stables on Sunday while Princess Carriage Rides were available on Saturday. Don't you just love this photo of a beautiful fairy riding upon her stealthy stead, Chief?
 Soolah Hoop and her fabulous hoola hoops entertained in Rosemary Alley,
 while the Pixie Puppet Tree theater performed under the Pavilion.

Festive performers could be found throughout the festival - in the gardens and along Rosemary Alley
Mermaid Nixie
Dawndancer and Your Fairie Godmother

 Nancy served a variety of kid friendly food, fairy sweet treats, and oven fresh scones including chocolate chip!

And none of this would have happened without the vision and dedication of Susanna, youngest daughter of the King and Queen of the May. She pulls it together, organizes, dreams, creates, decorates, and believes. Kudos for a job well done! 
Here's to 2018 and the 25th Annual!

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Marilyn Miller said...

How totally wonderful! How I wish I could have been there.