Sunday, September 24, 2017

Take a Book, Leave a Book!

The Tardis, located outside the front door of The Rosemary House is a central attraction on busy little Market Street! Although we frequently get asked if it really is a police box, in reality it is a Little Free Library where you may take a book or two and drop off a book or two. An Eagle Scout project completed by a local boy scout, we shared about the Tardis in this blog post earlier in the year.
The books are organized by age group, and that's a job in itself as the transition of books coming and going is almost constant. You'll find early readers, teen novels, mysteries and books for the adult reader. When we had our Fairy Festival earlier this month, Susanna was sure to tuck in a few fairy books for some lucky young people to discover.
With the upcoming PA Tea Festival this week (Friday, Sept. 29th and Saturday, the 30th), she has a few gently used tea themed books to place in the Tardis for some lucky tea enthusiast/festival attendees to discover. If you have any tea books you want to contribute to the Tardis, we encourage you to do so! Take a book, leave a book. It's the cycle of the Little Free Library. And, if you snap a picture or two of yourself with the Tardis, do share them on our Rosemary House Facebook page, #TRHTardis. 

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Marilyn Miller said...

How I love this concept of taking and leaving books.