Saturday, March 3, 2018

Was MYOB, Now the Fairy Corner

This ad appeared in the Mechanicsburg High School newspaper in 1969. MYOB at the time stood for "Mind your own Business" (or Beeswax) but at The Rosemary House it stood for My Own Business. Under mom's guidance, this was the little enterprise the sisters had in The Rosemary House. Tucked under a stairwell, it was the perfect amount of space for the young Reppert girls to learn the ins-and-outs of maintaining a business. We sold patches with peace signs, love beads, large colorful tissue paper flowers which Marj made and then carried to school where orders had been taken from other students, incense, posters and other fun teenager items. 

Once Susanna, Nancy and Marj were no longer teenagers, the area transformed into quality little toys, perfect stocking stuffers and goodies for moms and grandmas to select. Now it has transitioned once again and is our fairy corner. Filled with fairies, stickers, pixie dust, mermaids, fairy books and coloring books, unicorns, fairy jewelry and many more treasures and trinkets.

Originally a spot where teenagers would hover, it has become the area where the littles make a wish and ask grandma if they can pick something special.

This 1971 high school yearbook ad, placed during Nancy's senior year simply pronounces "The Rosemary House has the best gifts."


Bernideen said...

How fun - Dejavu!

Marilyn Miller said...

What wonderful history of that little corner of your business. Oh, transitions!

Angela McRae said...

I am suddenly thinking how "Mind your own business" ought to be reclaimed as an all-positive saying. After all, what could be more interesting that minding one's *own* business? Loved seeing this bit of Rosemary House history, and it's fun to see how this space has evolved over the years. Makes me wonder what it might be in its next phase of life!