Thursday, April 12, 2018

Fairy Festival Flashbacks

Looking back at the early years of our Fairy Festival when we were excited to welcome 30 kids ! Over the years, we have had so much fun playing in the garden and dressing up.

The fairy festival is a very magical event for all who attend and all who believe.

 Posie's Queen of the May costume.  A fan favorite. Posie's costumes have changed over the years - always elaborate.
Nancy creates amazing treats. In the early years of the festival, the treat table was 'self serve' and based on the honor system. Fairy cakes continue to be a popular fairy festival yummy!
 Now the fairy festival has grown and is throughout the gardens and sprawls into the back alley.

Fairy Rose and her children have danced and played with us over the years. As time marches on, some of her family of fairies, elves, and jesters have grown up and are now married.
Do you have memories of the Fairy Festival to share with us? Please share!
Mark your calendar for this year's event, September 8th and 9th, 2018. See you there! For details, visit our website,

This little fairy is off to college in September! How did that happen?


Angela McRae said...

How utterly delightful! I love knowing that you are creating this bit of magic up there in Pennsylvania, and I cannot even imagine all the wonderful memories you have created!

Marilyn Miller said...

Your fairy festivals always intrigue me and beckon me to come. If only I didn't live so far away!! You will miss that little fairy in the last picture.