Friday, July 27, 2018

19th Century Chinese Tea Pots

How fun to stumble upon a teapot display at the Michigan State Museum of Science and Culture. A teapot was used to show that culture is adaptive. Teapots are dynamic and reflect the constant change in cultures. They are symbolic; the preparation, service, consumption of tea all represent symbolic functions. Teapots are diverse. While tea is consumed all over the world there are many differences in the type of tea used, how it is prepared, the equipment used and its social functions. 
Enjoy these dynamic, symbolic, and diverse teapots from the display.
Porcelain double chamber tea pot

Copper and Enamel Tea Pot

Porcelain, late 18th C., blue and yellow enameling in Nepali style

Carved red lacquer Teapot with figures in relief

Unglazed clay Teapot in the shape of a finger citron

Crystal, 18th Century Agate Teapot with carved loose rings

18th Century Jade Teapot

Pewter Teapot, with copper cover of woven basketry design

Pewter Teapot, coconut shell exterior, carved in relief


Marilyn Miller said...

What unique teapots. I would love finding them on display.

Louca por porcelana said...

Gorgeous teapots!