Friday, July 6, 2018

Mulberry Creek Herb Farm

It is always fun for us to visit other Herb Farms and Herb Shops. On a recent trip to Michigan, we stopped at Mulberry Creek Herb Farm . It was a day that they were scheduled to be closed so we fully anticipated just viewing the farm from outside the gates. Happily, Karen and Mark were there watering and cleaning up from their spring Fairy Festival Weekend so we were invited in. I am so pleased we got to take a peak in these super clean green houses as they are gorgeous and it is clear that Mulberry Creek can grow plants!
Rosemary Trees

Bonsai Trees

This wonderful collection of Scented Geraniums were all well labeled with their name and use and even a recipe or two.
Lots of Fairy Gardens as we were visiting a day after the festival.

                                                 The tires are both colorful and functional!
Love this garden located in Huron, OH with all its special touches. So glad we were able to visit!

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Marilyn Miller said...

It does look clean and tidy. Very nice and so glad you got invited in.