Friday, April 19, 2019

Easter Preparations!

Family traditions are a big part of our holiday celebrations. Eggs that are boiled in onion skins are ready for Easter morning breakfast. This year, I didn't accumulate many onion skins, so I tossed in some loose leaf black tea to the boiling mixture of eggs, onion skins, and water. Not only are the eggs beautiful, but the kitchen was so fragrant!
Stuffed bunnies, stitched years ago, grace the table in the tea room, gleefully tucked among daffodils. Dear old mom found the stamped bunny pattern at a long-closed downtown mercantile, purchased them and the batting needed to stuff them, and handed Nancy a little job. They have held up well.

And bunny cakes! What would Easter be without bunny cakes. The days of having four bunnies are long gone, but we always have two of them, one with a coconut covered body and the other without coconut. Jelly beans become eyes and noses while toothpicks are added for whiskers. A large clump of icing (or a fluffed cotton ball) makes up the tail. The jelly beans surrounding the cakes help to assure that the eyes and noses remain intact!


Angela McRae said...

I had forgotten about bunny cakes! What a fun memory. Your eggs are so pretty, and I love the stuffed bunnies too ... sweet!

Marilyn Miller said...

I do love your bunnies in cake form and sewn form too. Love the eggs with the combination of onion skins and tea. I need to remember that next year.