Saturday, April 13, 2019

Pennsylvania Proud Afternoon Tea - Favors

Sunday, April 14th is our sold-out Pennsylvania Proud Afternoon Tea. This special afternoon tea event will include a variety of foods associated with Pennsylvania. Since the official state colors for Pennsylvania are blue and gold, we utilized the blue teacups and napkins for the place settings. Favors for this event include a small gift bag gaily tied with blue ribbon that holds an assortment of Hershey Kisses and Wilbur Buds. Two well known chocolates enjoyed in south central PA, similarly shaped yet distinctly flavored. 
Which came first you ask? Wilbur Buds developed by the Wilbur Chocolate Company in Lititz, PA (Lancaster County) were introduced in 1893 while Hershey Kisses, produced by The Hershey Company located 20 miles away in Hershey, PA (Dauphin County) were developed in 1907.                                                                                                                          With their similar design, Wilbur Buds feature a sweet little curly cue atop the candy while a pointed tip tops the Hershey sweets. Wilbur Buds have the letters W-I-L-B-U-R stamped on the bottom of the candy, while Hershey Kisses are silver wrapped with the little paper tag flowing out the top. Hershey Kisses comprise 80% of the bite size chocolate nibbles sales while Wilbur Buds make up the other 20% of sales.

The Wilbur Buds are available online, and locally at our Boscov's Store in Camp Hill. Hershey Kisses, well, they're available just about every where!

The proof is in the taste test which is what we are offering to our tea guests tomorrow. The simple ease of not having to unwrap the candy vs. having little silvery pieces of wrapper to dispose of. (Back in the day, Wilbur Buds were individually wrapped also.) The creamy smooth flavor of the Wilbur Buds (associated with European chocolate) vs. the familiar chocolate taste of the Kiss. You decide. Let us know which you prefer.