Friday, June 28, 2019

National Cream Tea Day

England celebrates National Cream Tea Day today - Friday, June 28th, 2019. We're happy to join in the celebration, and propose to make it International Cream Tea Day!

         What is a Cream Tea? Very simply, scones, cream (lots of it!), jelly and tea.
 The scone is considered merely a carrier for the cream and jelly 
that is slathered upon the scone.
And then the controvery, cream first? or jelly first? 
As you can tell by the photos, we prefer the cream first. 
Then jelly. Either way, it's delicious.
                                                Can you really ever have too many scones?
                                               We enjoy our scones warm from the oven.
                                                        Happy National Cream Tea Day!

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Marilyn Miller said...

Love your scone pictures so much, but wish I was sitting there enjoying them in person. No one taught me, but I must started with cream then jam. I was always afraid the cream would slide off if the jam was put on first. Ha!