Friday, August 9, 2019

Chicago, yum!

                          While vacationing in Chicago, we managed to savor a few traditional culinary delights.  Chicago deep dish pizza was on the list to sample, and well, oh my! One must allow plenty of time for the pizza to be prepared, up to 45 minutes! The pizza crust is relatively thin, and is pushed up the sides of a deep pan to create the edges of the pizza. A thick layer of cheese fills the shell, and well seasoned chunky tomatoes generously cover the top. It's pizza in reverse with the sauce on top, cheese on bottom. And what a layer of cheese there is! As our future niece-in-law commented on FB, 'that's not pizza, that's a casserole'!

The Chicago-style hot dog with all the fixins completed our personal foodie tour. It includes a steamed hot dog, sweet pickle relish, a whole dill pickle the length of the bun, chopped onions and tomatoes, two sport pickles, and mustard, all specifically placed on a poppy seed bun. The important secret ingredient is the addition of celery seed. The vendor where we purchased this dog was pleased to be able to show off this traditional Chicago-style hot dog. They specifically noted that there is never any ketchup on said dog, and that many vendors don't even offer ketchup as an option. This is a far cry from the simple hot dog with ketchup that is a staple in our home!

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Marilyn Miller said...

Now I would love that hotdog, but not sure I could handle all that cheese in the pizza. It does look fun though. Now I want a good hotdog. No ketchup for me, I like just mustard.