Friday, September 6, 2019

September - time for the Fairy Festival!

We have marched right into September, and with that, activities are in full swing for the upcoming 26th Annual Fairy Festival held in the gardens of The Rosemary House and Sweet Remembrances. The gardens are being decorated with all things fairy, bright colors abound, twirling things and miniature tables and chairs. It is a complete transformation.
In the tea room, we have unpacked all the miniature tea sets and they have been placed on the tables to be enjoyed by the festival attendees, to be played with, and to pretend they are having tea with the fairies.

An assortment of tiny teacups adorn each table inside, and the tables that are set up outside also. There are many sturdier tea sets that are placed about the garden in anticipation of a host of pretend tea parties taking place with the fairies. It makes us smile. We hope to share photos after the event, but visit our Facebook page for pictures from years past!

A few extra special fairy treasures are placed a little higher on the shelves, to be admired from a distance, but still enjoyed. Over the years, the tea pot fairy collection grows. It's fun to pull them out and play with them in preparation for the festival. Need more details? Visit the website for the schedule of events and other information.We hope to see you, Saturday, September 7th and Sunday, September 8th from 10 am to 4 pm.  Wear your wings!


Louca por porcelana said...

How amazing!Hugs!

Marilyn Miller said...

Wish I could have worn my wings and come flying in. Each year it just sounds delightful. Love all the miniature tea things too.