Thursday, September 12, 2019

Tea Time at the Fairy Festival

This over sized teacup is a permanent fixture in the garden. It is the perfect spot for photo ops and elicits a lot of memories for many of our local customers. We purchased it at auction when Williams Grove Amusement Park closed down. It's fun to have this piece of local history in the garden. The original color is the orange you see around the saucer and on the inside of the tea cup. An artistic friend painted it for us, and we let him use his imagination and creativity to paint it as he visioned it. He decided to highlight the fairy festival. The pair of gnomes were placed there for the arrival of the fairies at our Fairy Festival. Once the festival is over, they are tucked away until next year.
Thyme for Tea! 
Adorable Fairy Tea Set Centerpiece
Miniature Asparagus Tea set!
Many imaginary tea parties in the garden


Marilyn Miller said...

I love all your tea time touches in the garden. How I would love sitting in that large teacup and imagining flying away to fairy land.

Anne Selden Annab said...

I love being able to follow you on Facebook. I used to go to Rosemary House as a child many many years ago, before you knew you had fairies in the garden. This year my grown daughter took her 5 year old son and 3 year old daughter to the Fairy Festival and they had a marvelous time. I was not able to join them but I savored every photo she took and sent to me. Mechanicsburg is a magical place.