Friday, December 13, 2019

Growing Rosemary

This is an excerpt from Bertha Reppert's book on Growing and Using Rosemary, published by Storey Communications:

On mild days in the winter, I put my collection (of Rosemary plants) outside for a breath of fresh air. If the weather reports are favorable, they can stay outside for several days, much to their liking. Moving the plants is a bit of a nuisance but well worth the effort. I can hear the grateful rosemaries whisper, "Thank you."
 Here in Central PA, we are lucky when a Rosemary plant survives the winter outdoors. We always leave a few planted in the ground but the majority are in large pots and we bring them in on New Year's Day and take them back outside on St Patrick's Day. Rosemary can easily go down to 22 degrees or even a bit below and they prefer the out doors to our hot dry houses. 


Marilyn Miller said...

Our rosemary flourishes so well staying in the garden all winter I hadn't thought that some places would have to bring it in for awhile. I have learned to love rosemary this year and you are probably saying "what took you so long". Ha! But now I like it.

Angela McRae said...

A great reason to plant some rosemary in a pretty pot this year. Thanks for the tip!