Monday, August 1, 2022

Pickle Mixes! Hot - Dill - Bread & Butter

It's time to harvest that summer crop and turn it into a batch or two or three of refrigerator pickles! And we have the packet mix perfect to accomplish that mission! Order on line: Choose from Bread and Butter Pickle Mix for the person with the sweet tooth in the family. Or perhaps you want original Dill pickles, we have the perfect dill pickle mix too! and if you prefer a little spice in your life, we suggest the Hot Pickle mix. It's zippy, but let it marinate in the fridge a little while, and oh boy, it's hot.

Refrigerator pickles! Quick and easy! No canning. For the Dill Pickle Mix, we like to use a nice variety of veggies from cucumbers, to zucchini, to carrots, onion, and cauliflower. Whatever your garden is producing right now, turn it into Dill Pickles!

When we use the traditional Bread & Butter Pickle Mix we prefer to slice cucumbers and sweet onions. Simply follow the instructions on the packet, mix the prepared spice packet with sugar and vinegar, add your veggies, and wait 24 hours for delicious pickles perfect for your next outdoor gathering or picnic.

The packet of Hot Pickle Mix spices also lends itself to any variety of veggies. cukes, onions, zucchini both green and yellow, carrot rounds, and more. We notice that once the packet of spices is mixed with the sugar and vinegar (recipe on the package), it is first a 'zippy' blend, but let it marinate a week, and it becomes even zippier! For those that like it 'hot', this blend is for you!
These pickle mix packets are available in The Rosemary House and via mail order
You add the veggies, vinegar, and sugar, per the recipe on the package.

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Yummm! I do like a good pickle.