Sunday, October 29, 2023

A Hauntingly Delightful Afternoon Tea

The spiders are out in full force since afternoon tea during the month of October includes two very festive spooky tea time events.

The tables anticipate the arrival of witches, Halloween goblins, and other festively dressed guests. Susanna cleverly coordinates the menu to suit the theme. Tiny black coffins filled with chocolate treats and jelly pumpkins were presented as favors this year.

Once everyone had a pot of properly brewed tea, the first course was served. It featured a savory helping of fresh tasty Entrails. This slaw had everything from apples to craisins, celery to peppers and onions, sunflower seeds and grated carrots, all mixed with a base of red and green cabbage and tossed with a creamy sweet dressing.

The sandwich course included: It's Toasty and it's Cheesy Parmesan Pumpkin, Bare Bones Skull 'n Turkey with parsley & shallot mayonnaise, Pumpkin Butter & Goat Cheese on Pumpkin Bread, Anyone missing an Egg Salad Eyeball?, RIP Pimiento Cheese Coffin on Pumpernickel, and a Magikal Green Eyed Monster. 
The scones included Casper the Friendly Ghost, and the Bermuda Triangle Cinnamon Chip Scone. They were served with sweet cream and raspberry preserves. A serving of sliced granny smith apples with Caramel Apple Dip completed this course.

And for dessert, Have you ever seen a Purple People Eater? 'Tis said they have Gingerbread for Brains. and a Wickedly good Frosted Pumpkin Cookie with a ghost added for good measure.

We certainly encourage everyone to stroll the haunted gardens if they dare, as you never know what you might find out there.

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Marilyn Miller said...

The menu is so creative. Thanks for sharing it here. Yummm!