Sunday, October 1, 2023

Finding Tea in Ireland

Just some quick glances at tea time discovered during our recent journey to Ireland. This 'Anytime tea/coffee' was right outside the car rental location near the airport. As noted on the sign, it was for 'Diesel Customers only'. No tea for us at this stop. 

Breakfast was guaranteed to have tea of some sort. A good strong black tea, either Bewley's, Barry's Gold, or Lyons. The guest lodgings where we stayed offered the same variety of tea bags to enjoy in your room at any time of the day.

This fun display of tea pots were available for use at breakfast. The hostess prepared a hot breakfast, but there was also a small buffet with fruits, toast, yogurts, and tea.

A quick stop at a tea room in the middle of the country provided a nice respite of tea and cherry scones on a drizzly day. Yum!

At many of the landmarks or castles that we toured. you could usually grab a quick cup of tea or hot chocolate at one of the pop ups. This one proudly announced they had Bewley's available to purchase.

How fun is tea on a bus! So happy we were able to enjoy this adventure in Dublin. Will share more in another post. It was a very memorable experience.

Looking for a tea room in the park? You got it. We found this one in Phoenix Park in Dublin, Ireland. There were many opportunities to enjoy tea while on this trip, and we tried to partake of them all!



Marilyn Miller said...

Now that would be fun to partake of them all.
What a fun, tea filled adventure.

relevanttealeaf said...

Enjoying your tea time memories of Ireland.