Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Sweet Remembrances Candlelight Tea

 The candlelight casts a subtle hue throughout the tea room in quiet anticipation of a special evening. The annual Candlelight Tea is the culmination of the month of afternoon tea gatherings that begin with the holiday teas on the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving. There is a feeling of celebration in the air. 
This festive event began with a Pear & Pecan Salad, laden with goat cheese, parmesan cheese, sugared pecans, and an oil and vinegar dressing. The recipe is from Eating Royally, a book written by the chef to the royals. Our guests were also offered a complimentary glass of wine or a Cranberry Punch.

The sandwich medley included an Artichoke Truffle, Feta Cheese Round on Party Bread with a tree cut out from a turnip, Roast Beef and Vidalia onion relish on a lemon pepper chive muffin, Turkey and Provolone on cranberry bread, CranApple Chicken Salad Triangle, a warm and cheesy Cordon Bleu Melt, and Sun Dried Tomato Caprese in a petite phyllo cup.

The scone course included a Traditional English Cream Scone and a triangular Lemon Currant Scone served with Sweet Cream and Raspberry Preserves alongside assorted fresh fruit.

Desserts included Chocolate Toffee Torte (several layers of pure bliss), White Cake with a Holiday Medley (raisins, cherries, coconut, pecans and sherry), a truffle from Brittle Bark, our local chocolatier, and a Strawberry cream profiterole. Sweet endings, indeed.

And here's a peek at some of the holiday vignettes tucked about the tea room.  

Wishing a very happy holiday season to all of our friends, both near and far!


Time Traveling in Costume said...

The Candlelight Tea sounds magical! What a wonderful way to end the holiday season. Merry Christmas to you all@
Val LaBore in CA

Marilyn Miller said...

Yumm! I would love a candlelight tea time. I often light candles for my morning teatime, but with all your delicious food it would be a treat indeed.