Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tea Around the World - Germany

While one doesn't typically associate tea with Germany, when the opportunity to travel somewhere presents itself, leave it to a tea enthusiast to find a tea destination! Traveling to Germany in mid-winter doesn't provide a visit to the Bier Garten, so tea in January seemed the perfect solution. The final installment in celebration of National Hot Tea Month includes these photos from a recent visit to Teelirium at Berger Strasse 104 in Frankfurt, Germany. My friend and I enjoyed a pleasant afternoon here, sitting in the wide glass windows. The tea was brought to the table, complete with timer so we would be able to decant the flavorful brew at the appropriate time. Since my "partial to coffee but willing to humor me" friend enjoys flavored teas, we started with 'cherry bomb' and later sampled 'coffee dream'. Each time we selected a new flavor, our tea cups were removed and replaced with clean cups. Both flavors were subtle and delicate, enhanced slightly with the addition of sugar. They offer three types of sugar, white crystals, natural chips, and a slightly smaller brown grain sugar. With such a collection of choices, I had to try the sugar! In addition, there was a small piece of Swiss chocolate nestled beside the tea cup My luncheon included a nice portion of vegetable quiche accompanied with a colorful mixed salad dressed with a herbal yogurt dressing. Both very tasty. The warm scone was served with 'clotted cream' (more of a creme fraiche) and strawberry preserves. And the rest rooms in this tea lounge you ask, instead of Herren and Dammen, you will find Earl Grey and Lady Grey of course! This final destination on a relaxing visit to Germany provided a delightful chance to enjoy tea around the world as we celebrate National Hot Tea month internationally.


Linda Jennings said...

Delightful! I love the photos. I'm so happy you had the opportunity to take this special trip.

Steph said...

Oh, congratulations on your trip! What fun! And what a clever name - Teelirium!

Anonymous said...


Thank you for sending the link here with your reply to my post about the tea I've had here in Germany. You have a lovely blogsite here and I enjoyed reading this posting.