Monday, January 21, 2008

Tea Around the World - New York

This past Saturday, in the company of my sister and my niece, we ventured into New York City to visit the American Girl Place. We journeyed into the City via train and headed towards the corner of 49th St and Fifth Avenue. We knew we were at our destination when we saw the line of 8-9-10 year old girls and parents, all clutching their favorite historical character. We had reservations for brunch in the American Girl Cafe. This cafe is colorfully decorated and provides efficient service. The young lady had French toast which had a lovely skewer of fresh fruit with heart shaped cantaloupe and star shaped honeydew melon plus a strawberry half. Her beverage of choice was hot chocolate. I had a broccoli quiche accompanied with fresh fruit and English Breakfast tea. My sister selected a bagel, salmon, and coffee. There was a box of conversation starters on the table which included an assortment of questions - this was fun, and we purchased a box to add to our dinner conversation at home. Nikki, our American Girl (Doll of the Year 2007) had a cute little black and white striped tea cup at her place as she joined us in her table top chair. Once brunch ended, we headed back out to the three floor shopping area and made important decisions which involved math additions. We had a certain amount of money in our wallets expressly for the American Doll Store, and we managed to spend it all! It was actually spent several times over; but important decisions/purchases were made and we headed off to see Mary Poppins on Broadway with a huge red bag announcing to the world where we had just been. The combination of that bag, and the young lady carrying her doll, elicited comments from many on the street, actually making New York feel a little 'softer' than what one usually expects from the hustle and bustle of the New York street. It made many smile.

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Valerie Zagami said...

This makes me want to get an American Girl doll just to join the fun. How adorable and happy little miss looks. thanks for sharing, Valerie