Thursday, January 24, 2008

TEA - A Magazine

It's always exciting to be included in a national magazine, and this feature is no exception. Pearl Dexter, the editor/publisher of TEA, A Magazine, was a guest at Sweet Remembrances last year where she saw my collection of silver tea strainers and urged me to take photographs of them and submit them to the magazine for their Reader's Collection segment, which I subsequently did. The Winter 2008 issue should hit the bookstores and tea rooms shortly, but here's a sneak preview, including the addition of one of my modern tea strainers featuring a frog and his lily pads, a strainer and drip catcher. I have been collecting tea strainers for many years, finding them at antique malls and on the rare occasion, at flea markets. They are on display in the tea room for all to see and enjoy their beauty. They are all unique in shape and design, but all designed for the purpose of straining loose leaf tea before pouring it into your cup. TEA, A Magazine is an excellent tea related publication of good standing. They feature book reviews, a regular feature "About Accoutrements" written by Eve Hill, tea room reviews, excellent feature articles and many advertisements to tempt you with tea related purchases. It is always a treat to receive this magazine in the mail, but this issue in particular was fun to peruse! Of note, if you happen to have the Autumn 2004 issue, Sweet Remembrances was featured on page 9.

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Steph said...

I just opened my new Tea 'zine and saw your name. I was so delighted to see your name and your lovely strainers!!!! ;-)