Friday, April 4, 2008

Herbal Bonsai

My friend, Sylvia Braderman is a clever Herbal Bonsai Artist. She has patiently explained to me and her students that her Herbal Bonsai is a a creation of culinary, fragrant and medicinal herbs designed in a Jingzhi Penjing style. This Chinese Penjing style can be divided into two groups depending on the different types of scenery represented: Jingzhi Penjing or miniature landscapes featuring plant life, and Shanshui Penjing or miniature landscapes featuring rocks and water scenes.

The main feature of Jingzhi Penjing is plant life such as trees or bamboos or in this case our favorite, herbs. They are set off by stones or rocks of various sizes or terra cotta miniature pavilions, pagodas, bridges, boats, or figurines for ornamental purposes.

Sylvia continues with "A bonsai is a living work of art, a live 'sculpture' that never stops growing or changing. Such a piece of art is never finished. It is passed on from generation to generation, friend to friend. It becomes an extension of its owner."

Of course, herbal bonsai is also very useful because the cuttings can be used to season dinner, or even to propagate new plants. Interested in owning your own herbal bonsai? Contact Sylvia Braderman at


Steph said...

Very cool!

Alice said...

What a great idea, a beautiful bonsai that can be cut to use as seasonings.

greg millar said...

Love cooking,so ideal for my windowsill,what a lovely idea