Monday, April 21, 2008

You gotta love 'em!

We're not only herbs and tea around here! This cute little guy, nobody says 'I'm 5' with as much pride as he does, came into my kitchen this past Saturday morning, and queried 'Nin, wouldn't you say it's a beautiful day today?'. As quickly as I concurred with his conclusion, he was back outside enjoying the day and the freedom our gardens allow him. My garden, considered a low-maintenance garden as it has raised beds on the perimeter and a large open area in the center to accommodate gatherings for outdoor events is quite conducive to playing soccer or tossing a baseball. Cedar refers to this open area as 'the field'. I chuckle every time I here him call it that, but thinking as a 5 year old, I understand the reason for the name.

Earlier this week he popped into my kitchen holding two small motorcycles. I happened to be sitting at my desk, where he sidled up to me, presented the two motorcycles and queried 'Nin, can you tell me the differences in the wheels on these motorcycles?' That was easy, one was very fat, the other very skinny, I'm sure there are technical terms and reasons, but my answer seemed to work. Then he moved on, 'can you tell me the differences about the brakes?' OK, I may have stumbled over that one, it's moments like this I wish his father was standing here to provide the answer, but he seemed satisfied as he left one of the motorcycles on my desk and took the other outside to play. The field provides a great area for making roads and mountains, or whatever the imagination requires. One day, sitting at the picnic table, looking at the play fort, he was talking about conquering attacking pirates, looked directly at me and with a smile said 'I'm using my imagination', as if to reassure me that there really weren't pirates preparing to attack us.

Mornings can be interesting around here as I sip my tea, reading emails and various blogs, never knowing what the next conversation might be as that kitchen door swings open with the enthusiasm of a carefree young lad.


Martha said...

The world through the eyes of a 5 year old is exciting and amazing! Enjoy every moment and thanks for sharing a few of them to remind us of those times.

Steph said...

Happy Earth Day!