Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Herbs for the Hair: Camomile & Sage

Using Chamomile as a rinse on your hair will help to keep it blond or give it golden highlights. You can also add in some Calendula as well. Simply simmer about 1 C of the herbs in with 2 quarts of water and use as a final rinse on your hair. Best if you can allow your hair to dry in the sun.

Sage is the herb to keep your hair dark in color. In our area, the PA Germans are well known for their use of Sage. They simmer the Sage in an iron skillet and use it as a rinse on their hair. Personally, I think the iron skillet is as an important part of that recipe as the sage is.... Many recipes for maintaining dark hair also call for Black Walnut Hulls. They work very well and can stain most anything that come in their path...the bowl you simmer them up in....the sink... your skin. So when you work with the effective black walnut wear gloves, use an old pan and rinse outside.

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