Thursday, January 8, 2009

Unwrapped Christmas Gifts

My secret Santa placed tea-themed treasures under the tree for me.

This do-dad laden wind chime, complete with teapot and cup will grace the old tree outside my kitchen window.
It's always a special surprise when a new holiday teacup is unwrapped. The beautiful set is marked Lefton China, hand painted on the bottom of the cup. The shape is unusual, distinct from any I already have.
This beautiful hand-painted box was a gift from a friend of my Mother's. A total surprise, and a family heirloom in the making, it now takes center stage on the mantel in the tea room. The small teapot sitting atop the box was also a gift from my nephew.
Looks like everything has found its proper home... as if it has been here forever. Thank you to all my secret-Santas!


Marilyn Miller said...

The teacup particularly caught my eye. It is beautiful.

Linda said...

These are unique and special gifts!