Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Plants of the Dinosaurs - Ginkgo

During the Triassic Period of no flowering plants, this ginkgo could be found growing inland on the dryer land. What is ginkgo good for again? Oh, that's right - memory... guess I should try some of that (just a little herbalist humor..). Ginkgo increases cerebral circulation and studies have shown that it can slow the progression of Alzheimers. You want to plant only the male ginkgo. The female plant produces the fruit and it is stinky. A hardy and adaptable plant not only can it survive the ice age but it is a wonderful street tree surviving exhaust fumes and excessive heat from macadam and cement.


Marilyn Miller said...

When my daughter was in elementary school there were and still are several large ginkgo trees in front of the school. She was very fascintated by those trees and often brought leaves home to show me. The school educated the children all about the trees and they were very proud of their ginkgo trees

Yolanda said...

IT has always been one of my favorties.