Monday, May 3, 2010

May Day Fairy Festival

We enjoy vending at the May Day Fairy Festival every year. Our herb plant display is behind this pair of moss men. This isn't the best photo of the moss men as the one on the right isn't smiling....

The King and Queen of the May: Chris and Patti VanBrederode. Princess Mackenzie was sleeping at the moment.

The Maypole. Our booth is located near the Maypole Court and the Sunshine Stage.

Rob Wood pictured here with a fairy friend is the owner of Spoutwood Farm Center. He and his wife Lucy began the Fairy Festival 19 years ago. In one of the earliest years, Bertha & Byron Reppert (or, mom & dad as we know them!) were King and Queen of the May, alas, no pictures of that adventure. Tomorrow we will share more Fairy Fest Photos.

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