Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Planting a Strawberry Pot (with Herbs of course!)

Strawberry pots are fun containers to use to create your own kitchen garden. It makes it easy to have 6 or more herbs just outside the kitchen door so you can have a few snips of fresh herbs for every meal. One of the tricks to planting a Strawberry pot is to have a watering tube down the center of the pot. You can make a watering tube with a PVC pipe with holes drilled in the sides. We made our own watering tube with old pantyhose stockings and Styrofoam packing peanuts. Note: you need to use Styrofoam peanuts and not the corn starch packing material. If you aren't sure which are which soak them in water for an hour. The corn starch packing material will dissolve.
After creating your watering tube, select some herbs for your container. Smaller varieties such as dwarf sage, windowsill chives, miniature basil, any type of thyme plants will do very well. A larger plant of upright Rosemary will do nicely in the large center opening or you could plant the creeping Rosemary in the side pocket. Don't forget parsley and summer savory or cucumber flavored burnet. Scoop in some organic soil on the bottom layer and position your watering tube going up the center. Work in your plants from the bottom up while continuing to fill soil around the watering tube.
In a short time you have a lovely container garden of culinary herbs. Cedar was our soil scooper and photo ham.
Perfect for apartment gardening also.
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parTea lady said...

Great idea for patios or small spaces - it looks pretty too.

CL Field said...

The watering tube using peanuts and pantyhose is a wonderful idea!! And a great way to recycle!

lemonverbenalady said...

Look at all of those happy participants! Brings back good memories!

Martha said...

strawberry pots are great for herbs! They make great little herb gardens!

Sasha said...

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