Thursday, May 13, 2010

Prairie Tales!

Remember the Ft. Seward wagon train adventure? Several of us, well 11 of us, headed to North Dakota in July of 2008 and lived the pioneer life, dressed in typical clothing, camped out, helped with the chuck wagon, the biffy, and other daily routines, clip clopped along the prairie on horseback or bounced along in the back of a wagon while the heartier developed blisters from walking the trail, but all in all, we had a true experience of a lifetime. We shared our stories and pictures on this blog when we returned, after we recovered from the adventure.

Periodically, pictures of this unique vacation will pop-up on my computer. Last month when our eldest sister was here visiting, one of the wagon train pictures appeared on the screen, and my sister simply stated, 'you know, the best thing about that wagon train are the pictures.' I had to chuckle! It certainly is one participants point of view.


Martha said...

Sound like a grand adventure!

GardenofDaisies said...

What an adventure! I did have ancestors who traveled to Oregon Territory by covered wagon. LOL! I think your daughter is almost right..... wagons certainly were not the most comfortable things.
But in all seriousness, the best thing about a wagon was the courage of the people inside it and the hope that things would be better for their families out west.

Marilyn said...

That was a great trip for us armchair travelers.

parTea lady said...

That must have been quite a trip. I enjoyed seeing the photos and the link to the older post.