Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tea Cup Thursday

We're joining Miss Spenser and others today for Tea Cup Thursday. This lovely little tea cupdelicately sits atop a blue covered 'cloth' adorned with daisiesand lace edging. This beautiful work of art was created by a bakery in Eastern PA. Layer upon layer of white and chocolate and more white cake with raspberry filling and chocolate filling and white filling, oh my! It was
amazingly high and definitely delicious!
What a fun addition to the afternoon tea celebration!


Marilyn said...

I love it! What a beautiful work of art. Thanks for sharing. I think I would have a hard time cutting into it and ruining the beauty.

Linda J. said...

Wow! How special!

Lady Linda said... blog.
Lady Linda

Donna and Miss Spenser said...

I have always wondered what that type of icing (is it fondant) tastes like?? Such a cute idea...but yeah, it would be hard to cut into it!