Monday, April 9, 2012

Stepping back in time!

 In January of 2005, Janet Young of Over the Teacup (shown here on the right) with Nancy and Susanna Reppert of The Rosemary House and Sweet Remembrances, joined forces and founded the Mid-Atlantic Tea Business Association (MATBA) in an effort to help tea related businesses network together, share ideas and concerns, and provide educational opportunities to those interested. 

We contacted business owners and tea enthusiasts to learn about our new endeavor and to join the association.  Our first gathering was held at Sweet Remembrances in June, 2005.  our featured guest was Bruce Richardson, author and speaker from The Elmwood Inn.  He presented two programs, one entitled "From Bush to Cup - How Tea Gets to You", and on the second day, he presented "What's Hot in Tea". 

One of the guests in attendance that day was Phyllis Barkey (shown here, to the right of Shelley Richardson).  Phyllis traveled from Michigan to attend this event.  Although not a member of the MATBA, Phyllis has an enthusiastic interest in all things tea and has recently started blogging.  She details her experience at Sweet Remembrances in her blog post today.  Please visit Phyllis at Relevant Tea Leaf for her review of her visit to the tea room.  The pictures take me back a few years!


Marilyn Miller said...

I just came from Phyllis's blog. It does bring back memories of my visit there. Someday I would love to have tea at Sweet Remembrance.

Donna and Miss Spenser said...

How fun is that! I would have loved to have a group like this close by -- and to meet the Richardson's in person, neat! I am HOPEFUL that I can meet Phyllis in person one day as well as having tea at your lovely place!!