Saturday, May 26, 2012

Calycanthus - Sweet Shrub

Adding to the sweet smells in the herb garden are these flowers. A native American plant it has been on the property since our parents purchased it in 1968.  I suspect this shrub is 75 years old or more!   When I was growing up this was such a common bush that everyone just called it "Shrub".   As more and more gardeners are consciously planting Native plants - this sweet shrub is growing in popularity and I notice it is now being referred to more by its Latin name -Calycanthus.   It reminds me of the child that goes by Susie for 40 years and grows up into using her full name as an adult!  My mother always told me that as a school girl she would take one of these sweet flowers and tie it into the corner of her hankie on the walk to school so she had a fragrant pocket sachet for the day.   I find the fragrance of the flowers only really lasts for the first day or so that they are open but fortunately, in the spring when it is blooming there are many flowers!   Calycanthus floridus drops all its leaves in the winter time, is extremely easy to take care of and will live a long time.   It is not a showy shrub but when it does bloom it is fragrant.

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Marilyn said...

I don't recognize this blossom. Would love to see this one in person and smell the fragrance. So even as a child this Susie loved and used plants such as this. How fun to know that little tidbit about the Susie that grew up to use her full name.