Thursday, May 3, 2012

Grape-Scented Iris - In Bloom in the Garden

When this Iris is in bloom, the back yard smells divine!   You just wouldn't believe the pleasant sweet aroma that this old fashioned Iris Germanica exudes.  Some of the children that travel through the garden say it smells like 'bubble-gum' or 'PEZ candy'.     At The Rosemary House, we grow (and sell) only two Iris.  This one, Iris Germanica whose roots are used in cosmetics.   And Iris Florentina, a smaller, paler iris whose roots used to be used primarily as a hair wig powder but are now used to make orris root, a preservative in pot pourri and perfumery.    Both Iris are very hardy up to Zone 5,  neither are very susceptible to pests.  I enjoy Iris in the garden because by blooming throughout May they seem to fill the gap between the blooming spring bulbs and the summer flowers. 

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GardenofDaisies said...

I love this soft shade of purple. Just beautiful!!