Thursday, June 28, 2012

What's in your cup (mug) today?

My morning cup today was a large steamy mug of Kentucky Blend,  a hostess gift from Linda of Friendship Tea Blog.  This hearty blend is a combination of black teas handpicked and harvested from Yunnan and Anhui provinces in China.  These are full bodied teas, often described as rich and earthy.  The delightful wording on the canister describes this tea drinking experiece as reminiscent of a morning stroll across our pastoral Kentucky countryside.
Loose leaf tea in pyramidal sachets is a quick and easy way to enjoy a quality cup of tea.  Thank you, Linda, for this perfect gift!

Elmwood Inn Fine Teas is a family owned business since 1990.  Owners Bruce and Shelley Richardson are well known in the tea industry, first as owners of the Elmwood Inn Tea Room (sadly, now closed), and presently as expert speakers on the subject of tea and purveyors of fine tea.  They have penned several cookbooks with delicious tea room fare.  In addition, they vend a wide variety of teas through their internet site, Elmwood Inn Teas.  We were fortunate to welcome Bruce and Shelley to Sweet Remembrances when Susanna, Janet and I founded and hosted the first annual seminar for the Mid-Atlantic Tea Business Association in 2005.


Linda J. said...

You are welcome! Bruce, Shelley, and son Ben's new shop is less than an hour from me here in the beautiful Bluegrass.

Martha said...

I love Elmwood Inn and have all of their cookbooks. But in my cup this morning (as always) is PG Tips -- the perfect breakfast tea IMO.

Marilyn said...

What a treat! Have enjoyed meeting Bruce and Shelley on many occasions.

relevanttealeaf said...

Glad Linda and family got to visit Sweet Remembrances and reconnect with you again. I'm also glad I got to be at that first annual 2005Mid-Atlantic Tea Business Association seminar! They are very fond memories.