Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Few of our Favorite Things

There was a beautiful variety of dolls at the Doll-lightful Tea held in early August.  Miniature dolls, baby dolls in christening gowns, and even fairies attended the event.
But, it was the assortment of dollies that were enjoying tea time that captured Nancy's attention.
These porcelain collectible Barbie dolls have clever names such as Mint Memories and Orange Pekoe.  Both very valuable, Mint Memories was issued in 1988, while Orange Pekoe was introduced in 2000 with less than 4000 dolls produced worldwide.  They are simply stunning dressed in detailed Victorian garb from head to toe, holding their precious cup of tea.

Dollies and tea quite simply go together!


Marlena said...

Wonderful dolls, but they seem to have lost their teacups! lol

Anne said...

What fun!I've just discovered your lovely blog, and am now following! So nice to "meet" you! ♥

Angela McRae said...

Oh, goodness, MUST you set me to lusting for porcelain Barbie dolls now? *Sigh* (And smiles!) Maybe I'll find one for sale one day by someone who doesn't know it's valuable!

Marilyn Miller said...

Definitely a variety. Love that you have those Barbies with teacups. I have never seen those.