Sunday, September 30, 2012

Zucchini Pesto Bread

Fellow herbalist, and family friend, Jim Long of Long Creek Herbs recently shared a post about freezing pesto for the summer on his blog Jim Long's Garden.  It was quite a timely post as another family friend recently shared a tremendous harvest of large leaf basil with us that was patiently waiting to be turned into pesto for the freezer. Along with the basil, there was a pile of zucchini too.  As if Jim knew what was in excess in my kitchen, he shared a recipe for Zucchini Pesto Bread that simply sounded quite delicious. Recipe + ingredients on hand + a free day = make pesto first, then make zucchini pesto bread. 
It was begging to be made, and with volunteer gardeners scheduled to arrive to help weed and tend the garden, anticipating dinner after their chores, it was definitely the right time to make this bread.  So Friday was spent picking basil leaves, whirling pesto in the Cuisinart, and making quick bread.  The bread was a hit at dinner, very solid, very moist, very flavorful.  Be sure to visit Jim's blog for the recipe, and other herbal inspiration.


Marilyn said...

Sounds good and what a pretty color.

Angela McRae said...

This sounds and looks terrific!

La Tea Dah said...

Thank you for this recipe. It looks and sounds delicious!

This week I made many batches of pesto --- and froze enough for at least 24 family meals. My kitchen smelled wonderful! I made Walnut-Rosemary Pesto; Almond-Parsley Pesto; and Pine-Nut Basil Pesto. We had to try some of each --- it's hard to choose a favorite. In an effort to reduce cholesterol and calories, I made a vegan version that uses nutritional yeast. It was hard to tell the difference. I just love autumn and the harvest season!