Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fabulous Floral Fun - Philadelphia Flower Show

The theme for this years flower show was entitled 'Brilliant!', and featured England as the focus.  From gorgeous floral Buckingham Palace gates to a majestic salute to Big Ben capturing center stage, it was a floral extravaganza every where your looked.
However, the floral design category that captured my eye featured tea cups.  These three distinct arrangements were enjoyable, with the arrangement that looks like it is suspended in mid-air being my favorite.  Do you prefer one over the other?


La Tea Dah said...

Stunning! I like the suspended teacup arrangement best as well --- although all are lovely.

Bernideen said...

These are lovely- I imagine it also smelled lovely!

Karen's Place said...

How pretty to see the way teacups and flowers go together so well.

amherstrose said...

I loved that same one Nancy.
There was just so much to see at the show. One display more spectacular then the next. I was so excited last year when they announced the theme and just knew it would be BRILLIANT! and it brought back wonderful memories of our journey to London.

Anticipating more of your photos.
Mary Jane

Marilyn said...

I do believe I would have to choose the same one you chose. But all are just stunning.

Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

The pink and purple arrangement is outstanding!!