Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Garden Tea - Philadelphia Flower Show

Susanna and Nancy attended the Philadelphia Flower Show last week. With reservations made well in advance, we were excited to attend both the show and the Garden Tea. With morning and afternoon serving times, we enjoyed the opportunity to sit down and relax for the 3:45 tea time. They magically transformed a conference room into a lush and beautiful garden tea room. Efficient service and prompt attention to the guests was evident from start to finish.

A variety of Stash Tea, served in tea bags, was offered at each table.  After selecting your tea, these charming silver plated watering cans full of hot water were presented to each table.  Such a clever tea pot for a garden tea.  The volunteers happily offered additional tea flavors and fresh pots of water.

Each guest was presented this lovely plate of tea fare.  In included an open faced chicken salad sandwich atop multigrain bread, there was tavern ham with apricot jam and brie, a cucumber sandwich, an herbed cream cheese sandwich with water chestnuts and a dollop of egg salad to be placed on the little white triangular piece of bread.  Fresh fruit, a cream scone, and a very moist and delicious chocolate brownie completed the tea platter.
This Afternoon Tea break provided an enjoyable respite from the hoards of attendees at the flower show.  Once we were relaxed and rejuvenated, we were able to return to the show, and enjoy it with new found vigor.  We'll be sharing much more from the flower show.  This year's theme was entitled 'Brilliant!' and England took center stage.


La Tea Dah said...

Such spring-like, floral, cheerful table decor! Everything looks so inviting! I love the unique watering can "teapots". And the food looks delicious! I'm glad you were able to attend. The pairing of flowers and afternoon tea equals perfection!

amherstrose said...

Wasn't it fabulous Nancy and Susanna? We attended the Preview Party and spent the first Weekend at the Show. The Garden Tea Room was so pretty with the yellow table cloths. I will look forward to your impressions of the wonderful displays. I wish that I had known that you were going. We went to a great tea room and I would have loved to recommend it to you. It was called The Dandelion. They serve High Tea.

Thanks for sharing your visit.

Mary Jane

Antiques And Teacups said...

Looks like a wonderful tea at a fabulous event! Definitely a great time for you!

Comfrey Cottages said...

oh how adorable to use those style teapots! looks delish and presentation was great. glad you had a great time xxx

Marilyn said...

Tea at a garden show would be extra special and this one looks just right.

Linda @ Friendship Tea said...